Sync 10 Speakerphone - Silver


Overview | Instant conference room

Turn your home office into a conference room. The all-in-one Poly Sync 10 USB speakerphone delivers high-quality audio that's great for voice and music. Its two-microphone array reduces surrounding noise for better conference calls.

Simple to use

User-friendly, worry-free operation for the confidence of knowing your calls will go smoothly. Easy-to-use touch-sensitive controls, clear LED indicators, and clear, bright call status light bar.

Works the way you do

Durable and space saving, this IP64 dust and water-resistant speakerphone fits your workstyle. Use your favorite collaboration apps without hassle and free up table space with its slim, dynamic design.

Hear and be heard

Dynamic audio that makes conference calls seamless and clear. A two-microphone array keeps surrounding noise out of your call. And full-duplex audio enables simultaneous conversations so everyone on the call can be heard.

Features | Two-microphone array

Experience conference calls with outside noise and distractions tuned out. A two-microphone array focuses on your voice - not the surrounding noise.

Full-duplex audio

Collaboration gets tough when one voice dominates the conversation. Full-duplex audio makes simultaneous conversations a breeze.

Touch-sensitive controls

It's easy to spot and control your call status directly on the device. Stay in control with easy-to-use, touch-sensitive controls and a clear LED indicator

Dust-and-water resistant

Accidents happen - especially on the go. That's why durability is top of mind. Protect your investment from real-life hazards with a device that's IP64 dust and water-resistant.

Powered by USB connection

Don't let your calls get cut short because of a drained battery. The Poly Sync 10 is powered by USB connection to keep the conversation going.

Communications platforms

An IT manager's dream, this speakerphone was created for communication and is optimized and certi?ed to work with top virtual meeting providers.