StarTech.com Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter - 4K mDP to HDMI Converter - UHD 4K 60Hz


This Mini DisplayPort to HDMI® adapter lets you output HDMI video and audio from an mDP device, with support for Ultra HD 4K at 60Hz. The Mini DisplayPort adapter is the perfect accessory for any of your Microsoft® Surface™ Pro devices with mDP.

Astonishing picture quality with support for Ultra HD 4K at 60 Hz

The adapterlets you harness the video capabilities that are built into your Mini DisplayPortconnection, to deliver the astonishing quality of UHD to your 4K 60Hz display.This makes iteasier for you to multitask while using multiple monitors to work on resource-demanding applications.

Unlike many 4K Mini DisplayPortto HDMI adapters that only support a 30Hz refresh rate, this adapter works with HDMI 2.0 displays that can deliveroutputresolutionsof up to 3840 x 2160p at60Hz. Support for HDMI 2.0 means this adapter can support bandwidth up to 18Gbps, makingit anideal solution for performing high-resolution tasks such as editing4K video.

The adapter is backward compatible with 1080p displays, which ensures compatibility with lower resolution displays such as TVs or projectors around yourhome oroffice.

Ultimate portability with a compact, lightweight design

The compact video adapter is highly portableand lightweight. It's the perfect accessory for your portable mDPdevices, fitting easily into your laptop bag or carrying case.

The portable adapter is the perfect accessory for deployment with company computers, enabling your employees to interface withBYOD (Bring Your Own Device) HDMI applications around theoffice, such asworking at a hot-desk with anHDMI display orsharing your laptop's screen on a boardroom projector.

Hassle-free setup with an active adapter that featuresplug-and-play installation

To ensure compatibility with any Mini DisplayPortoutput, the mDP adapter offers active conversion.Active video conversion is required tomaintain4K resolutions when convertingMini DisplayPortto HDMI. An active mDPadapteris also ideal for outputting 1080presolutions by ensuring compatibilitywith graphics cards that are not capable of outputting multi-mode DP++ signals, such asATI Eyefinity™ cards.

For a hassle-free setup, the Mini DisplayPortto HDMI adapter allows forplug-and-play installation without any additional software or drivers.

Note:To achieve 4K resolution at 60 Hz a DisplayPort 1.2 output and an HDMI 2.0 display arerequired.

The MDP2HD4K60S is backed by a 3-year StarTech.com warranty and free lifetime technical support.

  • PRODUCT PERFORMANCE: Mini DisplayPort 1.4 to HDMI 2.0 adapter supports UHD 4K 60Hz (4096x2160 or 3840x2160), 18Gbps bandwidth, 7.1ch Audio, HDCP 2.2 & DPCP
  • 5.8in (15cm) attached cable
  • Backward compatible with 1080p
  • HOST COMPATIBILITY: Active Mini DP to HDMI adapter supports mDP/mDP++ source including Thunderbolt 1 & 2 MacBooks, MacBook Air & Mac Mini, Microsoft Surface Pro 1-6, desktops (AMD FirePro/NVidia Quadro), laptops, mini itx computers, Intel NUC & docks
  • INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY: Mini DisplayPort to HDMI display adapter connects an HDMI monitor, TV or projector, or add a second display to your workstation; Compact, small form factor design makes it easy to carry between home office and office
  • RELIABLE CONNECTION: MiniDisplayPort to HDMI video converter is designed with nickel-plated connectors to ensure enhanced signal quality
  • Tested with HDMI cables up to 23ft (7m)
  • mDP Male to HDMI Female
  • EASY TO USE: With no software or drivers required, the mDP to HDMI adapter dongle works with any OS including macOS, Windows & Ubuntu; Compatible with MiniDP devices like Microsoft Surface PCs or TB1/TB2 MacBooks