StarTech.com 9.8ft 3m HDMI 2.0 Cable, 4K 60Hz Long Premium Certified High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet, Ultra HD HDMI Cable Male to Male


This 3-meter HDMI® cable has been tested in accordance with the Premium HDMI Cable Certification Program. This ensures it's able to deliver the newest technical features that the latest HDMI specifications have to offer, including enhanced resolutions and protection against EMI interference.

The cable features high-retention HDMI connectors that fasten firmly inside each port. This helps to prevent accidental disconnections and signal loss.

Each cable is labeled with the Premium HDMI Cable authentication, so you can be confident that you are purchasing a high-quality premium cable with guaranteed performance.

Experience the latest that HDMI has to offer

The cable supports resolutions of up to 4K@60Hz (3840x2160p) and bandwidths of up to 18Gbps. It also supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) for higher contrast ratio and vivid colors.

With higher resolutions, increased speeds, and sharper images, you can expect an enhanced video experience. The cable is guaranteed to provide the very best HDMI capabilities available today. It's the perfect cable for creating the ultimate home theater or for providing lifelike digital signage.

Plus, the cable also supports up to 32 uncompressed digital audio channels to provide crystal-clear sound. The cable is also backward compatible with previous HDMI specifications and will work with all of your existing HDMI devices.

Secure your connections and avoid signal loss

The gripping HDMI connectors are ideal for high traffic applications or in environments where vibrations could cause accidental disconnects and picture loss. It works great with wall-mounted equipment and in situations where equipment is frequently moved.

Plug the connectors inside the HDMI ports and the connectors will automatically latch to the inside of the port, there are no special screws or accessories required. The grips will create contact pressure inside the port and ensure that the connectors don't loosen over time.

Provide superior connections with Premium HDMI certification

The cable has undergone rigorous compliance testing and is certified by an HDMI Authorized Test Center to ensure it supports the high-bandwidth enabled features it promises. An EMI test is also performed to ensure the cable minimizes interference with wireless signals.

The HDMM3MLP is backed by StarTech.com's Lifetime Warranty.

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE CABLE: 9.8 ft (3 m) Premium Certified HDMI 2.0 with Ethernet, 4K 60Hz (3840x2160p), 18Gbps bandwidth, HDR10 for high contrast ratio, Ultra wide aspect ratio, 32 Ch. multi-stream audio w/1536Hz sampling (5.1/7.1/DD+/Dolby TrueHD/Atmos) -
  • HDMI 2.0 CABLE WITH GRIPPING CONNECTORS: This Premium Certified High Speed HDMI cable with Ethernet features gold plated gripping male connectors that fasten firmly inside a standard HDMI port to prevent disconnection due to tension or vibration -
  • CERTIFIED HIGH QUALITY CABLE: Long lasting & heavy duty PVC jacket absorbs stress of frequent bends protecting the core of the UHD HDMI cord; Premium High Speed certification ensures that each cable meets the HDMI 2.0 standards -
  • APPLICATIONS: For office/boardrooms/classrooms; Connect your laptop/computer/HDMI source to your TV/display/monitor/projector; Ideal in environments that demand frequent movement/vibration; Samsung/Dell/HP/Acer/LG; Supports HDMI 1.4 and earlier -
  • SPECS: 9.8 feet (3 meters)
  • Black
  • Premium High Speed Cable with Ethernet
  • HDMI Gripping Male to Gripping Male (M/M)
  • 7.3 mm (0.29") OD, 34AWG
  • Jacket: PVC
  • EMI Shield: Al-Mylar Foil, Braid