StarTech.com 2-Port Dual-Monitor DisplayPort KVM Switch, 4K 60Hz, 2x USB 5Gbps Ports, Hotkey/Push-Button Switching, TAA Compliant


This Dual-Monitor KVM Switch enables users to switch between two desktops that are USB-A and DisplayPort enabled. It allows for sharing of dual-4K 60Hz DisplayPort monitors, a keyboard and mouse, and two USB 5Gbps devices.

Fast Switching with USB Emulation

USB Emulation technology enables faster switching of a keyboard, video, and mouse compared to traditional KVMs. USB Emulation also ensures compatibility with combination keyboards/mice as well as keyboards featuring additional function keys.

Dual-4K 60Hz Displays & USB 5Gbps Hub Ports

This TAA-Compliant KVM Switch supports dual-4K 60Hz DisplayPort monitors, making it ideal for working with high-resolution graphics or video. Additionally, it offers two USB 3.2 Gen 1 (5Gbps) Hub Ports for fast data transfer, and two USB 2.0 HID Ports for the keyboard and mouse. 8kV air and 6kV contact Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection.

Customizable Switching

This Universal KVM Switch provides various switching options, including hotkey or push-button switching. Hotkeys allow for independent switching of USB/Video and Audio, enabling audio playback from one computer while controlling the other. An audible buzzer confirms hotkey input, and LEDs provide a visual status of the selected host.

Enhance Productivity and Device Management with the StarTech.com Connectivity Tools Application

Developed to improve performance and security, StarTech.com Connectivity Tools is the only software suite on the market that works with a wide range of IT connectivity accessories. The software suite includes:

  • Advanced Windows Layout Utility: Setup and save custom windows layouts.
  • MAC Address Pass-Through Utility: Improve network security.
  • USB Event Monitoring Utility: Track and log connected USB devices.
  • Wi-Fi Auto Switch Utility: Enable users to quickly access faster network speeds via wired LAN.

For more information and to download the StarTech.com Connectivity Tools application, please visit: www.startech.com/connectivity-tools

  • FAST SWITCHING: USB Emulation enables fast switching of a keyboard, video, and mouse between two DisplayPort and USB-A enabled desktops; USB Emulation ensures compatibility with combo keyboards/mice, as well as keyboards featuring additional function keys
  • DUAL 4K 60HZ & USB 5GBPS: TAA Compliant DisplayPort 1.2 KVM Switch supports up to two 4K 60Hz DisplayPort monitors with two USB 3.2 Gen 1 (5Gbps) Hub Ports and two USB 2.0 HID Ports; Ideal for CAD/CAM, video editing, and content creation applications
  • MULTIPLE SWITCHING OPTIONS: Universal KVM Switch can be controlled via push-buttons or hotkeys, with an audible buzzer providing confirmation; LEDs provide quick visual port selection status; Listen to audio from one computer, while controlling the other
  • DURABLE DESIGN: A durable steel housing helps prevent Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) enhancing stability and reliability of the KVM; Sturdy construction makes it ideal for installation in a variety of environments; 8kV Air/6kV Contact ESD protection
  • OUR ADVANTAGE: Included connectivity tools for IT Pro's and IT help-desk support teams with USB Event Monitoring for logging USB device connections with timestamps, and Windows Layout to restore windows locations upon switching hosts