StarTech.com 10ft White CAT8 Ethernet Cable, Snagless RJ45, 25G/40G 2000MHz, 100W PoE, S/FTP, 26AWG Pure Bare Copper, LSZH Network Patch Cord


Connect to a 25/40Gbps switch or networking device using this Snagless S/FTP Category 8 Ethernet Cable. The 2000MHz maximum frequency enables up to four times higher throughput than Cat6a.

Pure Bare Copper Wire: Our Snagless Cat8 Cables are designed for long-lasting performance. The 4-Pair Shielded and Foiled Twisted Pair (S/FTP) construction utilizes 26AWG pure bare copper wire for improved conductivity and low resistance, ensuring reliable transmission and minimal signal loss.

Pure bare copper wiring offers consistent performance characteristics across different environments. Each pair is shielded in aluminum-mylar foil and tinned copper braid for enhanced EMI protection.

Durable Construction: The Cat8 Ethernet Cable features snagless 50-micro gold-plated connectors that enable a precise fit to minimize wear and are rated beyond 750 connector mating cycles. The flexible Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) flame-retardant jacket emits low smoke and toxic fumes when exposed to extreme heat or in the event of a fire. This enables safer installations in poorly-ventilated areas including some industrial settings, self-contained environments such as trains and aircraft, as well as residential settings where compliance with building codes must be considered.

The cable is rated to withstand -/+90-degree bends and routes well in confined spaces.

Versatile Dependability: The Shielded Cat8 Patch Cord is ideal for high-density 25/40GBASE-T networks and supports up to 100W output to Power over Ethernet (PoE++) devices. Establish connectivity to 25G/40G switches, Network Attached Storage (NAS), Storage Area Networks (SANs), and SFP modules. It facilitates reliable throughput and power to low-latency and critical PoE devices, including PoE switches, access points, and IP cameras.

Backward compatibility with Cat 6/6a and Cat 5/5e standards ensure seamless integration into existing network environments. Our Snagless Cat8 cables are Fluke channel tested for guaranteed Cat8 performance.

  • CAT8 ETHERNET CABLE: Snagless S/FTP Cat8 cable is optimized for enterprise 25/40Gbps networks; 2000MHz frequency range enhances throughput capacity; Up to 4 times faster than Cat6a; Supports Power over Ethernet (PoE++) devices up to 100W
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Shielded 50-micron gold-plated connectors enable a precise fit to minimize wear and signal loss; Rated beyond 750 insertions; 26AWG pure bare copper wire with braided shield enhance EMI protection for consistent throughput and power
  • SAFETY AND RELIABILITY: Fluke channel tested for guaranteed Cat8 performance; PoE++ specifications complies with IEEE 802.3bt Type 4; Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) jacket is safe for enclosed/poorly ventilated spaces and emits low toxic fumes if combusted
  • APPLICATIONS: Ideal for high density 25/40GBASE-T enterprise network deployments and switches; Connect reliably to critical PoE devices such as IP cameras and Access Points; Flexible LSZH jacket withstands -/+90deg bends and easily routed through tight spaces
  • SPECS: 10-foot; White; Snagless; 10/25/40Gbps; 2000 MHz; 100W PoE++; S/FTP; 26AWG Pure Bare Copper Wire; Al-Mylar w/Braided Shield; Gold-Plated Connectors; LSZH Jacket; 5.6mm (0.22in) Cable O.D.; Fluke Channel Tested; Supports Cat 6/6a and Cat 5/5e