Samsill Ring Binder


"Besides storing documents, a binder is also an ever-present accomplice of office goers, students, and homeowners looking to be more productive and organized. This 8 pack of durable black one-inch binders feature a clear overlay on the front, back, and spine giving full control and flexibility over customization of presentations, organizational projects, office reports, class projects, and more. Order multiple binders to create a custom reference system for weekly or monthly office reports, multiple classes at school, or other unique personal or professional projects.

Cover is made from polypropylene, offering increased strength and durability when compared to PVC. Polypropylene is also non-stick, which prevents transfer of ink or lifting copy when materials are inserted in the cover or placed inside. This makes it easy to reuse and update the covers and spines as often as you'd like. Polypropylene is tightly sealed over rigid chipboard made from 100% recycled fiber with at least 98% post-consumer content. Three 1 inch round rings with double boosters can hold up to 200 sheets (8.5"x11" size) with ease. Rings are mounted on the back lid which allows pages to lay flat and prevent wear and tear of the documents. Such a construction also adds to a sleek, clean appearance with no-rivet spine. Also includes two clear inside horizontal pockets for additional storage and organization of loose documents and non-punched papers. Each pocket provides enough space to hold notes, photos, business cards, or full-size pages that will be hole punched later. The overall value makes these great storage binders for back to school, classroom and office supplies, presentations and much more! The premium grade plastic covering tightly sealed onto thick, sturdy chipboard offers it long-lasting durability with a 100% product guarantee."

  • '-PACKED FOR EXTRA VALUE - 8 customizable loose-leaf black 1 inch binders bulk packed to help tackle school, office, or home projects
  • -DURABLE STORAGE & ORGANIZATION SOLUTION - Half inch view binders made with strong polypropylene and thick chipboard core for durability and frequent daily use at home, school, and office
  • -EASY CUSTOMIZATION - Clear overlay with non-glare finish on front, back, and spine allows for customization for home organization or work presentations. Binders are perfect for creating your DIY Planner, recipe binder, home organization binder, etc.
  • -ARCHIVAL SAFE - Made with PVC free and non-stick polypropylene, these binders are acid-free and will not transfer ink or lift copy from material inserted in cover or placed inside
  • -CLEAN & PROFESSIONAL LOOK - Back lid mounted round rings leave a rivetless spine offering a great look for presentations or on a shelf
  • -SUSTAINABLE SOLUTION - Cover chipboard is made from 100% recycled / reclaimed paper with at least 98% post-consumer waste
  • -MORE VALUE ADDING FEATURES - Round rings mounted on back lid hold up to 200 sheets, allow pages to lay flat, reduce wear on punched pages and provide a clean looking spine. Extra storage for loose documents or unpunched pages with two clear inside pockets
  • -MADE IN USA - Manufactured in Fort Worth, Texas of domestic and imported materials

SKU: ETDS88430