Poly Savi 7310 Office Monaural DECT 1920-1930 MHz Headset


Ensure secure conversations

Keep conversations private. With up to 2x better density, this secure DECT™ wireless headset is an ideal choice for financial, medical, government, and contact centers or anywhere sensitive conversations happen.

DECT™ security

Savi 7300 headsets don't just meet security expectations, they exceed them with secure pairing,128-bit authentication, and military-grade features, such as 256-bitAFS encryption. Conversations stay private and secure.

Interference-free audio

With 2x better density than other DECT™ headsets, more people in shared spaces benefit from wireless headsets with clear, interference free audio. IT can deploy more Savi 7300 Office Series compared to other DECT™ headsets without concern.

Keep conversations private

Make sure nearby conversations are not overheard. The noise-canceling microphone enhanced with Poly Acoustic Fence technology, that meets the Microsoft Teams Open Office specification, private conversations stay private .

DECT™ security standards

Designed to meet the highest-level DECT™ Security Step enhanced with military-grade FIPS 140-2 listed features, such as 256-bitAES encryption.

Meet enterprise security needs

Ideal for use in financial, medical, and government environments, where Bluetooth® technology is typically banned.

Remote management

Stay in control with remote device management for settings, firmware, and security updates.

Roaming range

Give users more freedom to move with a line-of-sight wireless range of up to 580 ft/180 m.

  • Provides exceptional quality sound with greater immersion
  • Over-the-head earpiece design provides a comfortable and secure fit
  • Synthetic Leather ear cushion material which is cost-effective and has a prolonged life
  • Answer/End earpiece control for optimal performance and maximum reliability
  • Go wireless and enjoy the music you love with the 7310 headset
  • Bluetooth/DECT wireless technology offers maximum convenience and a reliable connection
  • Your voice will be heard loud and clear with the boom microphone design to ensure maximum Headset usage efficiency
  • Sit comfortably anywhere in your room as the 7310 offers wireless range of up to 580 ft
  • Noise cancellation provides exceptional hearing under loud environments
  • Great for Audio/Visual Labs, Assisted Listening Systems and more that have a Mono jack for non-stereo use