Poly Blackwire 8225 Stereo USB-C Headset +USB-C/A Adapter


Stay distraction-free on calls

Is background noise affecting your productivity? Reduce noise and increase focus with the Poly Blackwire 8225 headset with a noise canceling microphone enhanced with Acoustic Fence technology and advanced hybrid active noise canceling (ANC).

Sound like a winner

With the Blackwire 8225, your voice is the only thing heard, not the chaos around you. Its noise-canceling microphone with Acoustic Fence technology puts you in a quiet office, even if you're in a noisy kitchen.

Long-lasting comfort

The Blackwire 8225 is crafted from premium materials with a lightweight design. You will get a comfortable, customized Fit using adjustment markers and 180° pivoting speakers. You'll fall in love with the aesthetic design and robust look and feel.

Stay focused

It's no secret that tuning out background noise makes you more productive. Hybrid active noise canceling (ANC) makes it easy to escape the noise around you. And three ANC settings mean you can ?ne-tune your level of quiet where you work.

Advanced hybrid ANC

Optimize audio comfort and quality with advanced hybrid active noise canceling (ANC) by choosing between three settings.

Acoustic Fence technology

Reduce disruptions from close talkers and environmental noise with the flexible, noise-canceling microphone enhanced with Acoustic Fence technology.

Connectivity options

Enhanced connectivity for your devices with a USB Type-C® cord and tethered USB-A adapter.

Lightweight design

Padded headband and soft leatherette ear cushions provide all-day comfort.

Inline control

Easy-to-use inline call control with call answer/end, mute, volume up/down buttons and a three-setting ANC switch.

Communications platforms

An IT manager's dream, this headset was created for communication and is optimized and certified to work with top virtual meeting providers.

  • Provides exceptional quality sound with greater immersion
  • On-ear earpiece design ensures maximum comfort and pain, fatigue-free listening
  • Synthetic Leather ear cushion material to offer great versatility and allow creativity and innovation in design and construction
  • Call/Answer/End earpiece control for optimal performance and maximum reliability
  • The 8225 headset provides plenty of freedom with wired connectivity
  • Your voice will be heard loud and clear with the boom microphone design to ensure maximum Headset usage efficiency
  • Omni-directional microphone technology ensures maximum dependability and optimal performance
  • USB Type C host interface for reliable data transfer and enhanced performance
  • Immense yourself in quality sound with this stereo headset
  • Ear-cup form factor offers comfortable listening for a longer duration