myGEKOgear by Adesso Moto Snap 1080p Motorcycle Camera with APP for Instant Video Access, Tilt Sensor for Incident Video Recording, SONY Starvis Sensor, 8.5 Hours Rechargable Battery, 32GB Storage


The Moto Snap motorcycle dash cam records in 1080p and is empowered with a Sony STARVIS sensor, rendering sharp and clear video in both day and night conditions. The snap-in design allows for instant power-on and record functionality without the need to press any buttons to start recording. It comes equipped with a powerful built-in 3200mAh battery, for up to 8.5 hours of continuous recording. Seamless integration with the Moto Snap app allows you to instantly view, download, and share recordings via Wi-Fi using your smartphone. Using AI noise reduction technology, the Moto Snap reduces wind noise in recordings so you can hear important sounds more clearly. A built-in tilt sensor allows the camera to recognize if your vehicle has fallen over, and it will save the current recording as a locked emergency file, so it is not accidentally overwritten by loop recording. Includes a 32GB microSD card (supports up to 128GB), recording hours of footage before it's loop recorded over. With the Moto Snap, you can have video evidence ready when you need it the most.


  • 1080p Full HD: Capture clear footage of license plates, signs, and other drivers when you're on your motorcycle. Provide clear evidence when you need it the most.
  • Sony STARVIS Sensor: Equipped with a Sony STARVIS sensor, capture clear video during night time and low light situations. No longer will you need to worry about missing those small important details such as license plates.
  • Wi-Fi for Instant File Sharing: Connect your dash cam to the mobile App on your smartphone to conveniently view, download, and share your footage instantly.
  • IP67 Water Resistance: Drive with more visibility no matter the weather. View a clear image when driving in the rain or snow with an IPX7 resistant rear camera proven to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • 8.5 Hours of Recording: Utilizing a powerful 3200 mAh battery, record up to 8.5 hours of riding footage.
  • Tilt Emergency Saving: If the dash cam is fully tilted, meaning the rider was possibly in an accident, it will automatically lock onto the emergency file so it won't be loop recorded over.
  • AI Noise Reduction: Utilizing advanced AI technology, the dash cam will automatically reduce the wind noise to hear the recorded sounds more clearly.

More from the Manufacturer

  • 1080p Full HD
  • Sony STARVIS Sensor
  • Wi-Fi for Instant File Sharing
  • IP67 Water Resistance:
  • 8.5 Hours of Recording
  • Tilt Emergency Saving
  • AI Noise Reduction