Logitech MK955 Signature Slim Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo, For Larger Hands, Quiet Typing and Clicking, Switch Across Three Devices, Bluetooth, Multi-OS, for Windows and Mac, Graphite


Type and click across computers effortlessly with the SIGNATURE SLIM Keyboard and Mouse MK955 made out of recycled plastic. Make work life magic with customization and shortcuts that keep you in control. Enjoy fast, precise scrolling and a familiar laptop-style keyboard feel that allows you to work even smarter with Logi Options+ App's custom shortcuts. Quiet typing and clicking gives you more focus, and less disturbance to others. Connect wirelessly with Bluetooth® or the included Logi Bolt USB receiver, and stay concentrated for longer with up to 36 months battery life for the keyboard and 24-months for the mouse.

  • Type and Click Across Your Personal and Work Computers: Move seamlessly between your home desktop and your work laptop with this wireless and quiet keyboard and mouse combo
  • Save Time Like Magic: Customizable keys, buttons and shortcuts for extended possibilities with the Logi Options+ App; available for Windows and macOS
  • Enhance Your Space: A sleek and solidly built full-size bluetooth keyboard with familiar laptop-style typing and a comfortable, contoured, bluetooth mouse made of recycled plastic
  • Quiet Experience: Conjure some focus time with quiet typing and clicking; the M750 L Signature Plus is a quiet click mouse with SilentTouch technology for 90% less click noise
  • Easy Scrolling: With the M750 L Signature Plus wireless mouse for larger hands, you can scroll through documents line by line, or fly effortlessly through long web pages with the SmartWheel
  • Switch Between Your Laptop, Tablet, and Phone: The K950 Signature Slim Keyboard of this multi-device combo allows you to switch typing between three devices with a single tap
  • Works on Most Platforms: Worry-free wireless connection to Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Linux , iPadOS, iOS and Android, easily pair via Bluetooth or Logi Bolt
  • Feel Good About Your Choice: Plastic parts in Slim Combo include certified post-consumer recycled plastic (minimum 48% for keyboard; 25% for mouse); certified carbon neutral

SKU: ETD920012425