Lenovo Thunderbolt 4 WorkStation Dock Split Cable 0.7m



The Lenovo Thunderbolt 4 Workstation Dock Split Cable is dock split cable with 70cm (2'4") length, designed for ThinkPad Thunderbolt 4 WorkStation Dock by combining slim-tip power cable and Thunderbolt 4 cable.

Key Details

To better fit the Dock, this split cable is specially designed for TBT4 dock and Thinkpad. This is a backup purchase for users who get their original inbox cable lost or stolen
Armed with latest tech of Thunderbolt 4 to unleash the power of your processor, matching updated docks
Optimal length of 0.7m solves the pain point of clutter desk
Lightning speed data with 40 gbps transmission rate to transfer shows, movies, and music in seconds
Fast charging supports up to 100w through USB-C or 170w/230w through DC plug
  • Maneuvers data at a good speed and transmits power
  • Features Thunderbolt 4 cable type for optimal performance and better dependability
  • Fast Charging feature for better reliability and ensure maximum productivity
  • Workstation device supported according to your requirements with maximum productivity

SKU: ETD4X91K16970