HPE 16GB DDR5 SDRAM Memory Module


Key Features | High Performance

HPE DDR5 Standard Memory matches the performance capabilities of the new generation of Intel® processors.

HPE DDR5 Standard Memory reduces downtime and lowers energy costs using advanced error detection.

High Reliability

HPE DDR5 Standard Memory provides excellent quality and support for a selection of HPE Gen11 servers.

HPE engineers quality and reliability into every HPE DDR5 Standard Memory product.

Increased Efficiency

HPE offers an affordable solution for small and medium businesses and remote and branch office customers with HPE DDR5 Standard Memory.

  • Allow convenient and fast access to the stored information your computer is actively using for maximum efficiency
  • No matter how heavy and numerous the applications that you are using, 4800 MHz memory speed with CL40 latency will run them smoothly
  • Editing high-resolution pictures, rendering 3D graphics and playing the latest games is not a big deal with DIMM 16 GB of memory that effortlessly manages them
  • The DDR5 SDRAM efficiently move data across electric components and provide smooth PC performance
  • 1 x 16GB modules for quick access and retrieval of data and information to ensure maximum usability
  • 288-pin for faster, dependable performance and better access to data and information
  • CL40 CAS latency for reliable, fast response and improved performance
  • Server device support for your RAM Module to allow enhanced system performance and reliable memory solution
  • DIMM form factor with 288-pin and 16 GB memory size effectively reduces minimizes the load on the server memory BUS to ensure maximum productivity
  • Unbuffered signal processing provides reliable optimization for your required applications to allow maximum usability

SKU: ETDP64336B21