HP Sound Bar Speaker


What you say and hear is just as important as what you see on conference calls. If you are looking for clearer, richer sound along with style and flexibility, look no further than the Z G3 Conferencing Speaker Bar to improve your audio experience.

Designed for Conferencing

Here's one speaker bar with conferencing in its DNA. Designed specifically for audio and video calls, it includes optimized dual microphones and stereo speakers for clear, rich sound as well as intuitive volume controls so you can adjust audio on the fly without having to go into PC Settings.

Superior Sound

Hear what you've been missing with dual stereo, wide frequency speakers that deliver rich, immersive sound. Plus with additional inputs, you can connect another audio source for playing music or media at your desk or connect your wired headphones for private listening.

Perfectly Fits your Z Display

Designed to look stylish mounted to Z or DreamColor display stands, this speaker bar is also small enough to sit on your desk. Even better, the included USB-A cable means you can connect it to and use it with any display for added flexibility.

  • Designed for Conferencing
  • Superior Sound
  • Perfectly Fits your Z Display