HP 16GB DDR5 SDRAM Memory Module


  • RAM Module offers better protection with maximum efficiency and convenience
  • No matter how heavy and numerous the applications that you are using, 4800 MHz memory speed will run them smoothly
  • Editing high-resolution pictures, rendering 3D graphics and playing the latest games is not a big deal with SoDIMM 16 GB of memory that effortlessly manages them
  • The DDR5 SDRAM efficiently move data across electric components and provide smooth PC performance
  • 1 x 16GB modules for quick access and retrieval of data and information to ensure maximum usability
  • 262-pin for faster, dependable performance and better access to data and information
  • SoDIMM form factor with 262-pin and 16 GB memory size effectively reduces minimizes the load on the server memory BUS to ensure maximum productivity