GekoGear Orbit D100 2 Channel 1080P Front / 1080P Rearview Mirror Dashcam


Introducing the GekoGear Orbit D100, a digital rearview mirror with a built-in 1080p front-facing dashcam and a rear-mounted camera. This innovative solution attaches to your existing rearview mirror to provide an unobstructed view of both the front and rear, capturing your vehicle's surroundings in vivid unobstructed detail. The D100 is packed with advanced features including a 9-inch HD touchscreen display, an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) with lane departure and frontal collision warnings, motion detection for round-the-clock vehicle surveillance, G-Sensor clip locking to securely protect recorded incidents, and an automatic reverse mode for seamless parking assistance. Upgrade your vehicle with the Orbit D100 and gain the benefits of advanced digital vision technology with plug-and-play simplicity.

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