Eaton External Battery Pack for Select Eaton 5PX G2 UPS 72V 2U Rack/Tower EBM


Backup Battery Module Gives Your Compatible Eaton UPS System Extended Runtime
The 5PXEBM72RTG2 offers extended battery runtime when used in conjunction with Eaton's 5PX2000RTG2, 5PX2000RTNG2, 5PX2200HRTG2, 5PX3000RTG2, 5PX3000RTNG2, 5PX3000HRTG2 and 5PX3000HRTNG2 5PX G2 UPS systems. It can also be daisy-chained for a maximum of four matching battery packs to deliver even longer extended-run operation. Heavy-gauge cabling with high-current DC connectors is included for safe, simple installation.

Supports 2U Rack or Tower Installation
This backup battery pack's multi-use form factor supports mounting in 2U of space in EIA-standard 19-inch open frame racks or enclosures using the included 4-post rail kit and mounting brackets. Tower stands are also included for optional upright configuration.

  • Once installed, it requires low maintenance
  • Supports 2U rack mounting or upright tower installation using included accessories
  • Includes heavy-gauge cabling with high-current 48V DC connectors
  • Connect up to four 5PXEBM72RTG2 battery modules for extended runtime
  • Compatible with 5PX2000RTG2/ 5PX2000RTNG2/ 5PX2200HRTG2/ 5PX3000RTG2/ 5PX3000RTNG2/ 5PX3000HRTG2/ 5PX3000HRTNG2
  • Extended battery module provides extended runtime for 5PX G2 UPSs in small business/education/retail/financial or healthcare applications