CK720 Hot swappable White


The CK720 mechanical keyboard is our first foray into enthusiast keyboards approachable for everyone without making compromises on quality. It has all the hallmarks of endgame-quality keyboards, including Kailh Box V2 switches for an enthusiast-level typing feel and if you don't like 'em? They're hotswappable so you can use all your favorite hype linear switches. In addition, this is the first keeb with our new stabilizers, pre-lubed for smoother feedback and minimal rattle. And if that weren't enough, we've also installed silicone padding for a fuller typing sound. With the CK720, you've found your new everyday endgame.Hot-Swappable Mechanical Switches: Scratch that keyboard enthusiast itch by customizing each key without needing to pick up a soldering gun. 3-way Customizable Dial: The precision dial gives you the tactile controls of a turn or a press, customizable via software. Kailh Box V2 + Cherry MX Green Switches: Feel the smooth, clacky difference of enthusiast-level switches, plus extra MX Green switches for that heavy clicky actuation for modifier keys. PBT Doubleshot for UK/UK/TC layouts: Increase durability with keycaps made with shineproof PBT and legends that are doubleshot so they won't wear off after heavy use. Removable Aluminum Top Plate: Offers ease of routine maintenance and better access when changing up switches. Easy-to-use Software & On-the-Fly Controls: Map 16.7 million colors to any key, customize lighting modes, and fine-tune macros. Silicone Padding: Reduce any hollow pinging sounds and maximize the thock and clack with sound-absorbing silicone padding placed in two spots in the keyboard.