Cisco Webcam - 8 Megapixel - 30 fps - Carbon Black - USB Type C


The Cisco Desk Camera 1080p is a full HD webcam that can be mounted on an external monitor, laptop, or tripod. Offering high quality video, noise reduction audio microphones, best-in-class privacy, and is compatible with all popular meeting and video applications.

This webcam brings high quality video to work from home users and open or huddle spaces for office users. The Desk Camera 1080p fulfills the following use cases:

? Instant office: Add video to a monitor for a home setup or office hot desking setup. For example, those who use a laptop docked to an existing independent monitor.

? Upgrade video: Upgrades an existing laptop camera to high quality video for meeting users.

? Online education: For students and teachers who need to join online classes but do not have access to a room or desk system.

Available as a fully managed IT asset with centralized device management and insights. The Desk Camera 1080p features a best-in-class video experience in the 1080p USB Camera category and deep integration with the Webex app for Windows and MacOS for professional camera settings, firmware upgrades, and troubleshooting. It also comes with a companion app for recording, image tuning, audio and more.

  • The fixed focus mode offers a decent amount of depth of field to generate sharp visuals all by itself
  • Webcam's auto-focus is as good as you want it to be even at proximity, the results will be clear and sharp
  • 30 fps preserves the pixels and therefore the picture quality to record your videos smoothly
  • With the cohesive microphone, the sound is clearly discernible, which adds as a bonus to the visuals
  • The USB Type C port ensures smooth, monitor - webcam connection with its quick-fix facility