BT Keyboard w/CoPilot AI Key


The Adesso WKB7000 is a mini scissor switch keyboard with a CoPilot AI hotkey that has the capability of working wirelessly through bluetooth and is built to make handling your daily computer tasks easier. This sleek keyboard uses switchesthat provide a more quiet, tactile and snappy response when typing. The Adesso WKB7000 is able to function throughbluetooth in 3 different channels to able to switch between them. The Copilot AI hotkey on your keyboard providesinstant access to an advanced AI assistant designed to assist you. The WKB7000 delivers a smooth and responsive typing experience with it's scissor switch technology. This Bluetooth keyboard offers the freedom to use your keyboard at up tothree Bluetooth devices. This comes equipped with a Polymerrechargeable battery that is easily recharged by connecting the TYPEC