Back UPS BE900G3


Back-UPS BE900G3 -Stay connected to what matters most. The APC Back-UPS 500 1050VA optimizes the home and small business uninterruptible power supply (UPS) design, performance, and feature set. After listening to our valued customers, we designed a new Back-UPS that is focused on the most critical aspects of a UPS; backup runtime during an outage, number of battery backup outlets, and convenience. The BE500-1050VA additional battery backup outlets and a USB charging port power more of your critical devices when your home or business electricity is out. Additionally, the new Back-UPS models are designed to maximize battery backup runtime for heavy power consuming electronics (multiple PC s, AV equipment, etc). After safely shutting down your high power equipment, run low power devices (home networking equipment, VOIP) for hours, allowing for internet access throughout extended blackouts. Stay connected to what matters most during outages for longer than ever before.