AVID Education AE-39 USB Headset with Microphone and Inline Controls, Gray


The AE-39 is a quality USB personal headset derived from AVID's most popular model, the AE-36. This model has been specifically designed for sound quality and with the rigors of the school environment in mind. It is used by thousands of students around the country. The AE-39 is equipped with our signature nylon braided cord that is a deterrent to even the most tenacious student from chewing the cord apart. The 6-foot cord with inline controls allows for a wide range of motion during use to help facilitate an interactive learning environment, and then wraps up easily into a Velcro tie for easy storage. The vinyl ear pads and headband are quick to clean with any gentle over-the-counter cleansing product and then easily stored within individual desks, making them perfect for each student in the classroom. Light weight, adjustable, and comfortable. This is the ideal USB headset for students of all ages. Available in one color, the AE-39 is a perfect choice to assist teachers with enhancing the student learning experience and engagement.
  • Perfect for Classrooms and Student Testing
  • Durable Construction
  • Quality Sound
  • Flexible Boom Microphone
  • Chew Resistant Cord
  • USB compatible with Inline Controls
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Easy to Clean
  • Quick and Easy Storage