Air Mouse Wireless Laser Point


With the iMouse P40 you can deliver presentations and lectures from up to 100 feet away with just the wave of your hand. Control your PC or Mac using our presenter as your laser travel mouse, or in the air with Adesso s patented motion-sensing technology. With 100 feet of wireless working distance and 12 different channels each with 65,536 IDs, tangled wires and signal interferences from other wireless devices are a thing of the past. The built-in motion sensor allows waving the mouse in air and the mouse pointer will move according to the waving motion, enabling you to have computer control from anywhere in the room. The iMouse P40 is a 2-in-1 wireless presenter mouse where with a simple switch, it instantly transforms from a wireless desktop mouse to a wireless air mouse presenter. The iMouse P40 has universal compatibility with Windows, Mac OS, and Android, making it truly versatile in different operating system environments. The iMouse P40 is compatible with some of the most popular presentation softwares such Windows Office (PowerPoint/Word/Excel/OneNote), iWork (Pages/Numbers/Keynote), Prezi, and Google Slides. The iMouse P40 is extremely lightweight, making it stress-free and the ideal presenter/mouse for both working and traveling.