Adesso USB-C to VGA Adapter


USB-C to VGA Performance

The CyberHub 5040 USB-C to VGA adapter offers modern connectivity to VGA-equipped monitors and projectors, delivering crisp, high-resolution video up to 1920 � 1080 at a smooth 30Hz. It seamlessly connects to modern desktops, laptops, and mobile devices and is the ideal solution for boardrooms, education, and presentation venues.

Plug & Play Simplicity

The CyberHub 5040 delivers on plug-and-play simplicity, effortlessly connecting to any USB Type-C port for power and video output without special software, drivers, or complex setup processes. It's an ideal solution for instantly displaying video from your device to a VGA-equipped screen.

Fast USB-C Connectivity

The CyberHub 5040, uses the power of USB Type-C for plug-and-play connectivity to any compatible desktop or mobile device. It works without the need for complex setup or additional software drivers giving you instant access to VGA projectors and displays.

Full-HD 1080p Video

The CyberHub 5040 is optimized for crisp and clear 1080p high-definition clarity at a stable 30Hz refresh rate. It ensures that every detail is sharp and vivid on VGA-equipped monitors, large displays, or projectors, maximizing their potential.

Built to Last

The CyberHub 5040 is crafted for versatility in both the office and on the go. Featuring a durable, compact enclosure reinforced with aluminum and equipped with a high-gauge connector cord, it guarantees enduring performance and reliability.

Ready for the World

The CyberHub 5040 seamlessly links today's USB-C equipped desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices to a variety of legacy projectors, HD-TVs, monitors, and other VGA-equipped displays, providing crisp, clear, and high-resolution output.

  • The high-performing video adapter convert interfaces of devices quickly
  • Exceptional quality with great clarity of text with 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Fast and reliable USB-C/VGA adapter