Adesso Multi-OS Mechanical Keyboard With CoPilot AI Hotkey


Touch and Feel The Key Difference

Experience the difference with the EasyTouch 670's "blue" state-of-the-art mechanical switches, offering a smooth, linear tactile feel with every stroke. Perfect for those seeking premium performance during both work and gameplay.

Work Smarter with CoPilot Ai Key

Using the EasyTouch 670, you gain instant access to Microsoft's advanced CoPilot AI assistant with the press of its CoPilot AI key at any time.

Multi-OS Ready

The EasyTouch 670 features enhanced compatibility with multiple operating systems with modifiers and control keys for use with Windows, macOS, and Linux, allowing it to easily adapt to any computing environment.

Bigger is Better

The EasyTouch 670 features a larger print on each key to enhance visibility, accuracy, and productivity. This also aids in faster typing and supports those with accessibility needs.

Multimedia and Windows Hotkeys

With dedicated multimedia and system shortcut keys, the EasyTouch 670 gives users quick access to media playback controls, search, email, and other system functionality.

Full Size Control

The EasyTouch 670 offers complete typing functionality with its full-size 104 key layout giving you a large numeric keypad with all the functionality you would expect in a modern desktop keyboard.

  • Creates faster response times for users with long-lasting, productive life
  • The USB interface allows easy connectivity with your workstation
  • Mechanical key switch technology offers comfortable, convenient typing efficiency with durability, cost-effectiveness, and better Keyboard lifespan guaranteed
  • Full-size Keyboard keyboard/keypad feature for maximum productivity with added dependability
  • Keyboard with workstation device support for maximum productivity with added dependability
  • Plug and Play your keyboard with the PC and go