Adesso iMouse S50R - 2.4GHz Wireless Mini Mouse


Experience new levels of productivity with the Adesso iMouse S50 2.4GHz Wireless Mini Mouse. This advanced wireless mouse offers you 30 feet of wireless freedom and eliminates the constraints wired mice often cause. Its optical sensor tracking method lets you work on any surface with better speed and accuracy. In addition, the mouse includes a built-in DPI resolution of 1200 for precise navigating and fast maneuvering. All these features, including its portability, compact and mini size, provide excellent control, minimal hand movement and a mouse that you can take or travel with anywhere.

  • The compact and durable design will make this mouse become your ideal choice when you travel. The mini compact size makes it easy to store your mouse in your laptop bag or briefcase while on the go.
  • With theOn/Off Switch and built-inAuto-Sleep features, you can automatically maximize your battery life when your iMouse S50 is not in use.
  • Opticalsensor technology improves precision and even lets you work on most glass, marble, wood and leathersurfaces withoutthe need of a mouse pad. With an opticalresolution of 1200 DPI, you can browse comfortably basically on any surface.
  • This 2.4GHz wireless mini mouse fits perfectly with your computer and allows you to work freely with no space constraints of wires, offering 30 feet (10m) of wireless freedom