1080P HD


This Dashcam is a high-quality camera that records footage in 1080P HD resolution, ensuring crisp and clear images. The device is equipped with a 3-inch display for easy monitoring and playback of recorded footage. It utilizes the video compression format MOV and video coding format H.264 to ensure that the video files are small and easily transferable without sacrificing image quality. The device is powered by a 200mAh battery, providing ample power for extended recording sessions. Additionally, the MyGekoGear Dashcam supports up to 64GB of SD storage, allowing users to store large amounts of footage without the need to frequently transfer files. With its high-quality recording capabilities, intuitive display, and robust storage options, the MyGekoGear Dashcam is a reliable and effective solution for recording and monitoring vehicle activity. Records in 1080P full HD resolution. This will smoothly capture clear video in fast moving scenes. The G-sensor is a gravity sensor that will sense any collision, swerve, or hard braking, and automatically lock the current video so it cannot be loop recorded over. With a wider 130 degree field of vision, you ll be able to capture more lanes of the road. You won't need to worry about missing those small details on the road such as license plates. A 32GB microSD card is included in the package, so you ll be set to install in your car and start recording. This device supports up to 64GB of external storage, around 5 hours of recording at 1080P.