Yealink BH70 Bluetooth Headset



Yealink BH70 Bluetooth Headset 

Lighter. Stronger. Sounds Clearer.

What matters in Bluetooth Business Headsets?

Renewal: Full Upgrade

  • Industry-leading 3-Mic noise cancellation technology for clearer and more focused calls.
  • Upgrade to the new intelligent noise cancellation algorithm making voices clearer.
  • Upgraded to new Bluetooth platform with new architecture, delivering a significant performance leap.
  • Innovative product design for a more comfortable wearing experience.

Immersive Call

Top noise cancellation capability in the industry.

  • Innovative Noise Reduction System with 3-Mic Noise Cancellation solution, bringing a 74% increase in microphone length from 78mm to 135.7mm*.
  • Intelligent Algorithm is optimized for multiple work scenarios, ensuring your voice is crystal clear no matter where you are.

Exceptional audio performance every moment.

The Ole Wolff diaphragm, an industry-leading professional acoustic component, provides a wider frequency response and higher sensitivity of audio experience, enabling everyone to enjoy the full sound from 35mm custom speaker and six audio equalizers.

Easy Work

New Materials.New Experience.

From cushion to leather, BH70 is designed for an uncompromising fit for many different head shapes, ensuring a luxuriously comfortable user experience.

Enjoy enhanced control seamlessly:

  • Pull to mute or initiate a business chat. 
  • One-click to join meetings. 
  • Effortlessly adjust volume settings.

Maximum Comfort.

Minimum Weight.

Wearing comfort is critical in every aspect. The weight has been reduced by 20%, from 187g to 146g and the clamping force has been enhanced to achieve a balanced pressure in long-time working.

Reliable Quality

Moving, still Staying Focused.

Seamlessly move between the home, the office, and anywhere you need to go.

Empowered by the new Dongle solution, bid farewell to distance anxiety with up to 50 meters/164 feet of wireless range, allowing you to stay focused and connected.

  • Provides exceptional quality sound with greater immersion
  • Over-the-head earpiece design provides a comfortable and secure fit
  • Leather ear cushion material to offer great versatility and allow creativity and innovation in design and construction
  • Power earpiece control for enhanced, dependable pointing efficiency with maximum usability
  • Go wireless and enjoy the music you love with the BH70 headset
  • Your voice will be heard loud and clear with the boom microphone design to ensure maximum Headset usage efficiency
  • Sit comfortably anywhere in your room as the BH70 offers wireless range of up to 164 ft
  • Noise cancellation provides exceptional hearing under loud environments
  • MEMS Technology microphone technology ensures easy, convenient talking with maximum efficiency
  • Listen to distinct sounds from both the speakers in stereo sound mode

SKU: ETD1208667