Tripp Lite USB 3.0 SuperSpeed to SATA-IDE Adapter 2.5-3.5-5.25" Hard Drives


The U338-06N USB 3.0 SuperSpeed to SATA/IDE Adapter connects a 2.5-, 3.5- or 5.25-inch SATA or IDE hard drive to an available USB port on your laptop or computer. This lets you back up important data, retrieve data from an old hard drive, or store information on an external drive that you can take with you to another computer.

This adapter with built-in USB cable supports USB 3.0 data transfer rates up to 5 Gbps. Perfect for storing and sharing large files, such as music and video files, the U338-06N is compatible with SATA and IDE drives up to 4 TB. It features 40- and 44-pin IDE ports, as well as a 22-pin SATA data/power connector. Necessary SATA and Molex cables are included.

LEDs indicate a successful connection. The U338-06N accepts SATA III (6 Gbps), SATA II (3 Gbps) and SATA I (1.5 Gbps) drives, as well as USB 2.0 (480 Mbps) and USB 1.1 (12 Mbps) transfer speeds. It supports USB Mass Storage Class Bulk-Only Transport. No software or drivers are required. Compatible with all USB-enabled operating systems.


Quickly Connects a SATA and/or IDE Drive to Your Computer's USB Port

  • Recommended for backing up, retrieving and storing large data files
  • LEDs indicate successful connection
  • Built-in USB 3.0 cable supports data transfer rates up to 5 Gbps
  • Backward compatible with previous USB generations

Compatible with 2.5 in., 3.5 in. and 5.25 in. SATA and IDE Drives Up to 4 TB

  • Accepts SATA III, SATA II and SATA I drives
  • Features 40-pin and 44-pin IDE connectors and 22-pin SATA data/power connector
  • Supports USB Mass Storage Class Bulk-Only Transport

Easy to Use

  • Plug-and-play-no software or drivers needed
  • Compatible with all USB-enabled operating systems
  • SATA and Molex cables included

  • For exceptional quality, upright compatibility and reliability use this Data Transfer Cable
  • Easily connect IDE supported devices to transfer and store your movies, music, photos, and documents
  • Features 1 x Female SATA connector, permitting you to establish a connection with a hard drive