Toughpower SFX 750W


Designed with a native PCIe 12+4pin modular interface, the Toughpower SFX series is fully compatible with Intel s ATX 3.0 specification and is built for next-gen PCIe 5.0 graphic cards and easily install in ATX or ITX case. SFX series is is built to deliver 80 PLUS Gold efficiency. The fully modular Toughpower SFX series comes in 1000W, 850W, and 750W, and is built to deliver 80 PLUS Gold efficiency. The Toughpower SFX series comes with an SFX to ATX adapter bracket as an accessory which gives users more options when choosing the ideal case for the build. SFX's fans audible noise is under 29 dB at 100% operation, this creates the perfect balance between silence and superior cooling. It also features with 100% high quality Japanese 105 C/221 F electrolytic capacitors provides great durability as well as offering the highest stability, while remaining reliable.