TOUGHFAN EX12 Pro 3pk Fan


The TOUGHFAN EX Pro combines Mag Force 2.0 and the swappable fan blade design for superior cooling performance and convenient installation. Mag Force 2.0 features larger Pogo pin contact pads, reducing faulty alignment during fan connection and enhancing installation efficiency. The swappable fan blade design makes the fan blades easily removable and washable, allowing them to always face forward. The TOUGH FAN EX Pro incorporates specially engineered fan blades from liquid crystal polymer, providing superior cooling performance. The standard fan blades can provide 3.19 mm H2O static pressure and 70.8 CFM airflow, while the reverse fan blades offer 2.6 mmH2O static pressure and 64.21 CFM airflow. Additionally, with 80% coverage for all corners, the anti-vibration rubber pads support higher spin levels with reduced noise.