Thermaltake W1 WIRELESS Gaming Keyboard Cherry MX Red


Game freely with the W1 WIRELESS, which supports 2.4GHz, low energy Bluetooth and wired USB connection modes. It is also equipped with Cherry MX mechanical switches and ultra-durable PBT keycaps for the best typing and gaming experience.

W1 WIRELESS | Gaming Keyboard | CHERRY MX RED

Cherry MX Red switches, rated at 50-million keystrokes, with simple operation and low spring resistance, making it a popular choice for users to balance between work and play.


PBT designed keycaps are known for its rigidity and texture, and is more resilient against solvents, making it easy to maintain and withstand repeated use.

  • No more wearing out! Mechanical key switch offers a longer lifespan and higher stability for nonstop gamers and typers
  • Performs equally well; both wired or wireless Bluetooth connectivity easily found in the Notebooks
  • Quickly and easily connect with the notebook
  • Plug and Play your gaming keyboard with the PC and go