StarTech.com Horizontal Cable Lacing Bar for Racks - Horizontal Cable Manager - 10 Pack


These lacing bars install horizontallyon the front or back of your rack toprovide a secure mounting point for you toruncables.You can attachyour cables to the lacing bars using cable ties toreduce the tension on your cables and preventdamage to the ports on your rack-mount equipment.

Protect your equipment

Cablelacing bars protect your equipment by offloading the weight of the cables in your rack, which reduces the constant strain that can be put on the ports of your rack equipment.The lacing bars also provide a route for cables, which enhances passive cooling within your rack. This helps to ensure your rack remains at an optimal temperature, to extend the life of your equipment and minimize or eliminate downtime.

Discreet and sturdy design

These cable lacing bars are constructed of solid steel and occupy just one-third of a rack U at each install point.The round solid-steel design ensures a high weight capacity, unlike flat lacing bars that can bend easily.

Save on shipping costs

This package includes 10 cable lacing bars, enabling you to buy multiple bars packaged together. This is ideal for large-scale implementations, because it significantly reduces the packaging, and in turn, shipping costs.

The CMLB10is backed by a 2-year StarTech.com warranty and free lifetime technical support.

  • EIA/ECA-310-E compliant
  • Constructed of solid steel with a round design for maximum weight capacity
  • 10 lacing bars included to lower the cost of shipping
  • Reduce the cable strain that's put on your rack-mount equipment's ports, protecting your equipment from damage