Royal MC125 Paper Shredder


Choose from the family of HP Paper Shredders for your home and business

HP Crosscut and Microcut shredders protects all sensitive documents to avoid identity theft. Pick from our full range of crosscut shredders which feature pullout bins and casters for easy mobility or our microcut shredders that are the ultimate in document security by shredding into unreadable confetti size pieces.

Designed for style, function and performance with our unique designed slide top housing and oversized shredder bins. HP continues a tradition of quality product priced for home and office use.

  • Commendably reduces the size of waste while saving the energy required to empty the waste bin frequently
  • 12 Per Pass shred capacity - Saves time by passing ample amount of sheets in one go
  • 5 gal waste bin capacity, sufficient for convenient collection of shredded papers
  • Comes with a waste bin that is designed to be detached and emptied easily

SKU: ETD91041R