Poly Voyager 4245 Office Headset



  • Comfortable for all-day wear, it's the lightest Bluetooth® headset for contact center use, weighing in at .75 oz/21 g
  • Wearers can collaborate on the move, with a wireless range up to 328 ft /100 m Bluetooth technology allows for seamless and easy global wireless deployment
  • The connection with the customer is never lost thanks to continuous battery* life with high-quality wideband audio
  • Any distracting noise surrounding the speaker is blocked by the noisecanceling microphone


Voyager 4245 Office is a pleasure to wear-the lightest Bluetooth headset of its kind. Everyone can move freely and collaborate in comfort, all day. Because losing connection with a customer is bad for business, Voyager 4245 has continuous battery life for unlimited talk time*. If a battery runs low, it can be swapped out mid-call-so conversations stay on track, and customers stay happy. Three wearing options on a single device keep your teams happy too-and makes for easy ordering and stock control. And we topped it all off with high-quality audio, so you get a headset that delivers an all-around great experience

  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • SoundGuard Digital daily noise protection included
  • High-quality wideband audio Visual and audible alerts indicate battery level
  • Microsoft Teams version available with dedicated Teams button for instant access

  • Effectively eliminates the hassle of getting tangled with wires with great freedom of movement
  • Compact, exquisite and portable earset
  • Get rid of the tangles and love your music with these wireless Bluetooth earset
  • Your voice will be heard loud and clear with the boom microphone design to ensure maximum Earset usage efficiency
  • Stay connected smoothly with a wireless range of 328.1 ft
  • Noise cancelling microphone technology ensures easy, convenient listening and talking with maximum sound transfer efficiency
  • Listen to your tape recordings or use them when listening to telephone calls on Skype with these mono sound earset
  • In-ear earphones for comfortable listening
  • Listen to deep lows and euphoric highs with a frequency range of sound from 20 Hz-20 kHz
  • aptX Technology feature for better usability and increased efficiency