Poly Blackwire C3225 Stereo USB-C Headset (Bulk)


Freedom to work your way

The Blackwire 3200 Series provides a quality audio experience in a headset that's built for enterprise needs.With a sleek design and flexible microphone boom for a customizable fit,what's not to love?

  • Effectively cancels outside noise to eliminate distortion with maximum sound efficiency
  • On-ear earpiece design ensures maximum comfort and pain, fatigue-free listening
  • Leather ear cushion material which enhances the design and general presentation style of headset
  • Answer/End earpiece control for optimal performance and maximum reliability
  • The C3225 headset provides plenty of freedom with wired connectivity
  • On-cable microphone design ensures maximum convenience and optimal performance
  • Noise Cancelling microphone technology ensures maximum dependability and optimal performance
  • Micro USB host interface for reliable data transfer and enhanced performance
  • Stereo sound mode delivers exceptional sound with maximum efficiency
  • These supra-aural Blackwire give you the comfort of portability