Nyko Dualies (Blue-White) for Nintendo Switch

Nyko Dualies (Blue-White) for Nintendo Switch

Nyko Technologies, Inc

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Race, jump, shoot, run and more while feeling every bump and shot with Dualies for Nintendo Switch™. Dualies are a motion controller set, the first 3rd party Joy-Con alternative and are perfect for adding additional players to a multiplayer experience. They feature accurate, multi-functional motion control and rumble feedback to provide immersive gameplay and are compatible with most Switch titles. The larger, more rounded edges allow for an improved grip, especially while playing sideways, giving more comfort and improved ergonomics. A programmable turbo button allows any face or shoulder buttons on Dualies to have turbo functionality. Included is a Type-C cable with a 56K oHm resistor to recharge Dualies quickly and safely anywhere. The cable can also be used to safely recharge the Switch.

  • Accurate, multi-functional motion control
  • Rumble feedback
  • Improved ergonomics providing a more comfortable grip
  • Includes a Type-C cable
  • Programmable turbo button

  • Motion sensing controller with Turbo Button buttons is the new secret weapon. Just pick it up and play your favorite games with speed and accuracy.
  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity offers more freedom for people who often wants to play games from a distance
  • Compatible with Nintendo Switch - Ensures smooth, controller connection with its Plug and Play facility


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