Mobile Pixels Geminos 24" Webcam Full HD LCD Monitor - 16:9


Geminos Dual Stacked Monitor |Unfold. Elevate. Angled. Raised.

A vast, flexible and immersive canvas right above your desktop! Geminos Series is designed ergonomically by stacking monitors one over the other via our linkage system. Whether you're looking for a dual vertical monitor or two horizontal displays aligned in a vertical way, all you need is just a few mouse click. There is no cumbersome actual rotation of the screens anymore.

Ready to have a good screen time? Geminos Series brings much comfort on your eyes, neck and wrist. Sophisticatedly arranged two stacked monitors from top to bottom, it helps to reduce the range of movement of your eyes and neck, as well as less scrolling.

Display |24-Inch 2K Displays, Stacked, Touch-Enabled.

Geminos Series gives you instant dual-monitor setup like you've never experience before. For ultimate visual experience, Geminos X features quality enhanced display, two 24-inch 16:9 2K 75Hz QHD screens with the bottom screen touch-enabled, making multi-tasking even more intuitive.

Ultrathin Bezel | Less Bezel,Max Concentration.

High functionality meets superb style with an ultrathin bezel design that allows you to see more with less distraction on these 24" screens.

The dual virtually bezel-free screen setup lets you view more with almost no gap in between even having a single image spanning across two displays.

Personalized Workflow |Inspire Focus.Speed Up Your Creativity.

The Geminos Series, featuring dual vertical monitor, is ideal for media creation and editing tasks as well. Simply spread out the elements of your software to have everything visible. Dual vertical monitors setup helps to save your valuable time from searching and scrolling, so you can focus on the creative part. Keeps your producing and entertaining flow more organized and smoother.

  • Dual 24-inch stacked monitor
  • USB Type C connectivity with max. 100W power delivery
  • 10-in-1 multiport docks
  • Built-in webcam, speakers and mic
  • Adjustable height and viewing angle
  • Compatible with macOS, Windows, XBox and Playstation