Manhattan USB Numeric Keypad with 18 Full-size keys


Fast, accurate numeric data entry combined with a convenient, mobile design
MANHATTAN Numeric Keypad enhances any notebook computing experiences especially when inputting important numeric data. The full-size 18-key layout and scissor-style (X-structure) key switch technology help reduce typing noise, improve response and provide low-profile keystrokes for fast and accurate data entry. A handy backspace key allows swift corrections. The asynchronous number lock function keeps its number-lock mode independent of the computer's keyboard. Users can simultaneously input letters from the computer's keyboard and input numeric data from the keypad. Its USB connection, Plug-and-Play installation and ultra slim, lightweight construction make it easy to pack and travel.
  • Scissors key switches are much more comfortable and responsive while being categorized as low profile
  • USB 1.1 connectivity for a easy connection with your Notebook
  • Quickly and easily connect with the notebook
  • Plug and Play your keypad with the PC and go

SKU: ETD176354