Mag-Lite MagCharger Rechargeable Flashlight System

Mag-Lite MagCharger Rechargeable Flashlight System

MAG Instrument, Inc

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The MAG CHARGER® Flashlight - Now with NEW Halogen Lamp and NEW Electronic Switch.

Product Description
The New Mag Charger® flashlight combines long famous MAG-LITE® beauty, reliability and beam-adjustability with a powerful New Halogen Lamp and New Electronic Switch which includes an array of USER-CONFIGURABLE FUNCTION SETS.

Use the flashlight just as it comes out of the package (see Function Set #1 - Standard) or PERSONALIZE IT TO SUIT YOUR OWN HABITS OF USE by choosing one of the other Function Sets in the chart shown below.

Already own a Mag Charger® Flashlight?

  • NiCd battery pack has been superseded
    by new, environmentally friendly NiMH
    battery pack.
  • NiMH battery pack has 34% more storage
    capacity then the NiCd battery pack it replaced. (Requires full charge cycle)
  • The new NiMH accessory battery pack (ARXX235) is a true "drop-in" solution. It will work with ANY and EVERY Mag Charger® flashlight and charger, regardless of when they were made.