Lipper Acacia Slab Boat Shape Bowls, Set of 2


These Acacia Slab Boat Shape Bowls come as a set of two, Medium & Large sizes. These bowls are ideal vessels to store & serve fruits or snacks, use as a bread basket or simply display as a centerpiece on your dining table. These two bowls are crafted in a beautiful boat shape, which gives a modern elegant style to the pieces. Each bowl is individually handcrafted from the Acacia tree and therefore unique. Acacia is a hardwood that has a reddish-brown heartwood with a lighter sapwood, which creates a geometry of colors that is naturally beautiful to the eye. This set of two Acacia Boat Shape Bowls will be the perfect addition to your serveware and serving dishes for years to come!

  • Ideal bowls to store & serve fruits or snacks, or use as a bread basket, or as a centerpiece
  • Crafted in a beautiful boat shape creating a modern elegant style to the pieces
  • Set of two bowls, medium & large sizes, to accommodate all your serving purposes
  • Each piece is individually handcrafted and therefore unique
  • Made from durable and eco-friendly acaci

SKU: ETD10552