HP 16GB DDR5 SDRAM Memory Module


  • Allow convenient and fast access to the stored information your computer is actively using for maximum efficiency
  • Up to 4800 MHz speed for smooth computer performance
  • SoDIMM 16 GB bar will run multiple applications together and enhance your computer's performance
  • DDR5 SDRAM memory technology effectively enables data to be moved at various points in a CPU clock cycle to allow maximum productivity
  • 1 x 16GB modules for quick access and retrieval of data and information to ensure maximum usability
  • 262-pin pins for enhanced, dependable system performance with maximum usability
  • All-in-One PC device support for your ram module to allow maximum efficiency and dependability
  • SoDIMM form factor with 262-pin pins and 16 GB memory size for enhanced performance and speed to allow maximum usability