CyberPower ENVIROSENSOR Enviromental Sensor - Temperature & Humidity Monitoring


The CyberPower Environmental Sensor, combined with the RMCARD203, provides complete UPS monitoring and management with real-time temperature and humidity readings in distance. Event notifications notify administrators remotely whenever a defined event happens. Additionally, Environmental Sensor provides 4 input contact closures, allowing users to monitor the status of connected devices, such as a door switch sensor. A Three-Year Warranty ensures the ENVIROSENSOR has passed our highest quality standards in design, assembly, material and workmanship.

  • CONNECTION PORT & CABLE: RJ45 Ethernet port with 10-FT cable
  • SECURITY MONITORING: Input contact closures provide options for monitoring door alarms, security switches, and other security devices
  • INPUT CONTACT CLOSURES: Allows users to monitor up to 4 connected devices such as door alarms, security switches and security systems
  • RMCARD/ENVIROMENTAL SENSOR COMPATIBILITY: Combine the ENVIROSENSOR with the RMCARD205/RMCARD305 (sold separately) for real-time temperature and humidity readings of a datacenter, IT closet or other critical environments