Chief OB1U Wall Mount for Interactive Display - Silver


The Over-the-Whiteboard Interactive Display Mount allows for easy installation and adjustment of heavy interactive flat panel displays over existing chalkboards or whiteboards. The mount comes largely pre-assembled with minimal hardware, reducing installation time. It also provides height variability to accommodate younger children or those seated at lower levels.

  • Telescoping legs allow mount to be adjusted easily around classroom obstacles
  • Plumb adjustment up to 1.5° to compensate for uneven walls
  • Integrated lateral shift allows for easy adjustment left or right
  • When installed, mount allows for a minimum of 4" (102mm) clearance from wall
  • Installs into various wall types (wood, concrete, steel, cinder-block)
  • Flexible wall assembly anchoring points ensure a minimum of two studs are used - three brackets for 16" on-center studs, or two brackets for 24" on-center studs are included
  • Interface brackets mount directly to display, then hang on single rail-style cross bracket, eliminating need to remove display from box prior to installation
  • Display height adjustment range of 26" (660 mm)
  • Heavy-duty weight capacity of 310 lbs (140.6 kg)
  • Accommodates typical large displays between 50-80" andVESA® up to 1020 - 500 mm, specify FHB7036 bracket to extend to VESA® 1020 - 600 mm