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Brother TZe Premium Glitter Laminated Tape - 12mm

Brother P-touch TZePR831 Black Print on Premium Glitter Gold laminated tape is 12mm (0.47") wide x 8m (26.2') long and designed to let you add sparkle and pizazz to retail shop, craft-based, home and office labels to make them really stand out. The sturdy laminated adhesive backing sticks easily to a variety of surfaces and the attractive black print on gold glitter design helps to get your labels noticed. P-touch TZePremium Glitter laminated tapes are made with glitter particles under lamination that add a special sparkle and iridescence to your labels. Create stunning name badges, attractive retail shop, craft, home and office organization labels and add a touch of elegance to gifts and giftwrapping to help make your products and projects shine. This attractive, durable laminated tape is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and remains securely in place even in hot and cold extreme temperatures.

More from the Manufacturer

  • Protect your investment: P-touch TZe tapes are designed specifically for Brother P-touch label makers to provide consistent results and optimum performance.
  • For use with a wide variety of Brother P-touch label makers: P-touch TZe Premium Glitter laminated tapes are for use with many P-touch models. For 12mm (0.47") wide tapes: PTD200, PTD210, PTD215E, PTD400, PTD400AD, PTD600, PTD600VP, PTH100, PTH110, PTP300BT, PTP700, PTP710BT and more. For 24mm (.94") wide tapes: PT2430PC, PT2730, PT2730VP, PT9600, PTD600, PTD600VP, PTD800W, PTH500LI, PTP700, PTP710BT, PTP750W and more.
  • Additional Premium Glitter tapes available: TZe Premium Glitter tapes are available in a variety of sizes and styles. In addition to Black Print on Premium Glitter Gold tape, you can choose from Gold Print on Premium Glitter White tape and White Print on Premium Glitter Silver tape in either ~�" (0.47") or ~1" (0.94") widths. All tapes are 26.2' long.
  • Keeps your message clear: Only Brother laminated TZe tape consists of six layers of material that are surprisingly thin, yet strong and durable. Text is printed on the underside of the laminate which sandwiches the text between two layers of film making the label text and characters virtually indestructible.
  • Strong adhesive backing for staying power: P-touch laminated tapes will adhere to almost any surface and can be used on smooth, rough, flat or rounded surfaces.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use: P-touch TZe Premium Glitter tapes can stand up to both indoor and outdoor use with no worry about peeling or fading. P-touch TZe Premium Glitter label tape maintains its crisp, clear printing even when exposed to hot and cold temperatures
  • Easily add sparkle to your labels: P-touch TZe Premium Glitter tapes feature glitter particles under lamination so both the label and the text sparkle and shine making them perfect for gift wrapping, special events, product identification and so much more.
  • Easy-to-use labels: The split back on TZE labels are easy-to-use for all your labeling needs. Simply peel the backing - no fumbling needed - and apply your label in seconds.
  • Display a sparkly, eye-catching look for special events, craft projects and retail shop labels: TZe Premium Glitter laminated tapes add a special sparkle and iridescence to labels that can help make a lasting impression for your retail store, craft-based business, home, home office or business.