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Aura Air Mini

Meet Aura Air Mini,
your personal professional clean air producer

Aura is there, also when you're outside. The Aura Air Mini supplies an effective buffer between you and the dangerous air particles around you. Breathing is not a choice - but breathing clean air is.


Aura Air Mini uses one-of-a-kind Bio-polar technology to protect you from the viruses.

Creating balance, keeping you well

Our patented Sterionizer™ creates pure air, just like in nature, on the go. This pioneering technology detects and analyzes the different particles in the air. Then, it releases the right ions to balance, purify, and freshen up the air around you.

Aura Air Mini purifies your air also outside

Aura Air Mini requires no maintenance, no new filters, and has a shelf life of 3 years. It provides you and your loved ones an additional protective layer from the airborne risks outdoors.

  • For maximum purification, use this air purifier that clears harmful debris as well as airborne particles from the air
  • By using ionizer technology, it significantly reduces airborne particles and restores the natural balance of positive and negative ions
  • Up to 107 Sq. ft. area coverage
  • Keeps your home clean and healthier

SKU: ETDF00057