Apex Legends Lifeline ED PS4

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Apex Legends Bloodhound Edition, PlayStation 4. On the fringes of known space, you'll find the Apex Games, a battle royale where teams of misfits and outlaws fight for the title of Apex Champion. Win, and they call you a Legend. Master a growing roster of powerful Legends, each with their own unique personality, strengths and abilities that are easy to pick up but challenging to truly master. Choose your Legend and combine their unique skills together with other players to form the ultimate crew. Use your abilities and your wits to make strategic calls on the fly, adapting your crew's strengths to meet new challenges as the match evolves. Drop in and loot up with a host of powerful weapons, diverse attachments and useful armor to protect you in battle. After the fight, collect a wealth of cosmetic options for personalizing your character and weapons, and unlock new ways to show off during the match.

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